Why should i join a life-group

You will grow in your walk with Christ

In a Life Group setting you will learn to apply God’s word, ask questions, participate in a discussi

on, and hear others share insights and illustrations of the truth from the Bible. The Bible must be applied to your own

personal situations and that happens best in Life Groups.

You will begin to really connect with God’s family

Most people who have been a part of a group say the greatest benefit is the close relationships and

friendships that develop. Life Groups provide excellent support in many areas of life including times of crisis,

change, and stress. You’ll have a sense of stability and security knowing there are people who really care for

you and are committed to standing with you. When someone loses a job, or a family member has an extended

illness, or a mother needs a babysitter-these are practical needs that will be naturally taken care of through

your Life Group. You’ll discover that your needs and problems are not unique....We’re all in the same boat. It

helps to know that others are facing the same difficulties, or have lived through them and learned spiritual

principles in the process. God never meant for you to go it alone in the Christian life. If you’re lonely, the

answer to your problem is to join a group.

You will have a natural way to share Christ with friends, relatives, and work associates

It may be that some of your friends who don’t know the Lord wouldn’t be caught dead in a church. They have

a preconceived idea and just the thought makes them defensive. But those same people may be open to an

invitation to a casual Bible discussion in a home or office setting. In a Life Group, your unbelieving friend can

ask questions and express honest doubts without feeling "put on the spot". When your friend sees the love

and warmth and honesty of your group, it will make him more receptive to the Good News.

You will develop skills and abilities you never knew you had

The Bible teaches that every believer is given certain talents or "gifts" to benefit others in the family of God.

Unfortunately most Christians remain as Sunday morning spectators all their lives because large group

meetings are primarily "sit and listen" situations. As you share and participate in a relaxed Life Group setting,

you’ll discover your confidence and self-esteem rising as you understand more of who God created you to be.

This will help you at work, at church, and in every other relationship.

You will deepen your understanding of worship

Many believers mistakenly believe that worship can only happen on Sunday morning in a large group with a

sermon, a choir, and an offering plate! Worship happens anytime we focus on God. Sometimes that happens

best in a smaller group by praying or singing together.

You will be a New Testament Christian

The book of Acts is very clear about how God intends for His people to grow and have their needs met in the

church. We will never be able to hire enough paid pastors to meet all the individual needs in our family. God

never intended for it to be that way!