gathered worship & Music


We aim for gathered worship that is:

  • God-centered: We begin and end with God, not with us. He is the object of our worship, he is the content of our worship, he is the source of our worship.
  • Christ-focused: The focus of God's revelation of himself, and the focus of God's work in the world, is the person and work of Jesus. So we can't be God-centered without being focused on Jesus and, specifically, on his death and resurrection as the culmination of his work.
  • Spirit-fueled: The Spirit is the One who points us to Jesus, who fills us with God's love and power, that we may respond in loving worship. Without his work in us, we can't truly be God-centered or Christ-focused, because we'll be working in our own power, for our own sake.
  • Word-saturated: Only in the Word of God do we find the truth of who God is and what he's done; only in the Word is there power to save the lost and to keep and sanctify the saved. All our words, in song, prayer, and sermon, must be grounded in and shaped by God's Word.
  • Believer-edifying: The term the New Testament uses for what believers do when we get together is edification, rather than worship (remember, Romans 12:1 tells us that all of life, not just the stuff we do on Sunday morning is worship). That's huge. It reminds us that gathered worship is not just about me and God, it's about us and God. Of course, if we come with a commitment to be saturated in and driven by the scriptures, fueled by the Spirit, focused on Christ, and centered on God, then the natural outflow of that commitment will be that believers will be built up. But the scriptures want us to think specifically about building up one another when we gather.


  • Music is just one part of our gatherings, though we believe it is biblical for music to be a significant part. So we have several opportunities to be involved in helping lead music in gathered worship. 


  • The choir is a vital part of the music ministry at RBBC. Faithful enthusiastic participation is the foundational quality required, and we welcome all ages from high school and up. This ministry team rehearses weekly (on Sunday evenings 4:00-5:15 pm) to prepare for worship services and outreach events. We have experienced singers as well as those who have never sung in a choir before. No audition is required, and you can join us anytime.


  • The worship orchestra is comprised of skilled players who lead in Sunday worship services. We include a full compliment of instruments. Experience and reading skills are necessary for this group. Rehearsals are Sunday morning at 7:40 a.m. We also participate with the choir in outreach events. An audition may be required.


  • The Worship Tech Team (Audio/Visual/LiveStream) plays a huge role in serving the congregation every Sunday morning, as they help ensure that the singing, praying, and preaching all happens with undistracting excellence and clarity. We always need workers on this team, and while experience is helpful, none is required; we can provide any training necessary. 

Where Can I Serve? 

There really is a place for just about anyone in this arena of service. Many things require specific abilities, but some do not. All aspects of this ministry require a joyful heart of service that desires to see God glorified and his people built up in our gatherings. Email Denise Melendez ( for more information about serving in these ministries.