biblical Counseling

Our Foundation

Believing that we live in the world, created and interpreted by God and now fallen, we counsel so as to bring people to love God and love neighbor through believing obedience.

Believing that the Bible is God's revelation and that it is a sufficient guide for faith and life, we counsel based on and with the Scriptures. The Bible gives us God's interpretation of our lives and how we can be pleasing to Him.

Our Framework

Believing that the church is the central place of God's work, we counsel as a ministry of the local church. Our counseling is under the direction of and is a ministry of Rocky Bayou Baptist. 

Believing that people need help, we counsel people from other churches or who are not churched, but who are willing to commit to certain expectations.

Our Focus

Believing that people live out how they think and what they want, we focus our counsel on both the outward and the inward, on the behavior and the heart. 

Believing that true life change comes through repentance in the heart, we seek to bring about heart change through the Word and Spirit of God in counsel. We also work to implement practical steps of action that make putting off sin and putting on righteousness a reality.