facility Manager

POSITION TITLE: Facility Manager

REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor

WORK HOURS: 40 hours per week

STARTING PAY: $17.00/hr

PRINCIPLE FUNCTION: To oversee and direct all general maintenance and care of church facilities, provide routine facilities cleaning, and supervision janitorial and maintenance staff.


The Facility Manager shall:

1. Be a fervent follower of Jesus-Christ committed to growing in Christ-likeness.

2. Have a professional and Christ-like attitude and demeanor.

3. Represent RBBC among the membership and the general public in a positive, professional, and

favorable manner.

4. Possess the ability to communicate in a practical and effective manner with church staff and other

church administration.

5. Have a depth of knowledge of cleaning techniques and be proficient in build/grounds maintenance.

6. Know how to use cleaning equipment properly and be able to perform routine maintenance.

7. Be flexible in work hours and responsibilities.

8. Personally comply with the dress code in areas of professional attire, personal appearance, and


9. Be able to lift and carry up to 601bs and have the physical ability to perform all custodial tasks.

10. Have awareness of and adhere to all legal and safety procedures in performing custodial duties.

11. Have a valid driver's license and be able to safely operate a motor vehicle.


1. Inspect buildings and grounds and perform any cleanup work necessary to assure that the campus is

in excellent condition for services and special events.

2. Assure that the facilities are properly set up/reset, accessible, cleaned and secured afterward, for any event held at the church.

3. Assure that the facilities are properly secured and all utility settings are proper in accordance with the current building unlock/lock procedures as established by the deacons.

4. Serve as the primary contact for the church in response to an alarm violation, other potential breach of security notifications and emergencies such as storm warnings or storm damage.

5. Make minor electrical, plumbing, and equipment repairs as needed.

6. Perform housekeeping functions and assure that needed supplies, equipment, and other resources are available and in proper working condition.

7. Responsible for the purchase of cleaning supplies and equipment as necessary and ensure proper levels of inventory to maintain facilities.

8. Serve as the primary on-site POC when outside companies are used to maintain, repair, or improve the church campus.

9. Provide support to the ministry and administrative staff and volunteers as needed.

10. Serve as the primary liaison with the deacon body in regard to the RBBC campus.

11. Perform any other duties as assigned by the pastoral staff.

Interested Candidates

Please submit a résumé or questions to: resumes@rockybayoubaptist.org.